Details Matter

Passion / Shmassion
People seem to throw the word "passion" around a lot these days. Everyone claims to have a passion for their job, for going to the gym, for cooking, for watching sports, for fine wine, for traveling, for perfection, for life, blah blah blah.
It's exhausting.
We don't have  a "passion" for making great clothes that guys want to wear. We have a LASER FOCUS on it.

Features & Details

Misters let their clothes whisper not scream. We're designing for an effortless, laid back, comfortable aesthetic, not a "hey look at me I'm cool" aesthetic. We load up our clothes with details like contrast color stitch, custom metal hardware, top quality drawstring cords, and loads of pockets. While many people might not be conscious of these details, they would intuitively feel and know the quality of the product. That's what we're shooting for.


We don't just "produce". We craft. Yes we rely on overseas factories, but our personal relationships with them and frequent on-site visits means we know what's happening ... and the factories understand who we are and what we expect. And that's quality. Top quality. We actually make our stuff alongside some really big names that you would recognize and since we're the nice guys that pay our bills on time we get treated very well.

Technical Fabrics

Fabrics and fabrication are increasingly technical these days, and we're so on board! From Quick-Dry and 4-Way Stretch to Fleck and Slub and Burnout. You don't have to know what they mean. But you will appreciate the look, feel, and -- best of all -- the performance.

Fit is Personal

When shopping for clothes you sometimes end up feeling like The Three Little Bears:  This one's too baggy. This one's too tight. This one's too long. This one's too short. Our fits are consistent across our entire collection, and our cuts are just tight enough to be modern and flattering, with just enough room to be comfortable. Mister, You really don't need to give up one for the other.

Patterns / Prints

Mister swim trunks let us get really creative. We love patterns and colors and since we design all of our own, we let go and have fun. We have an archive of prints at this point and it just keeps growing!