Hello Mr. Swim's Response to COVID-19 | Coronavirus

Hello from the Mr. Swim family to yours!
We trust that you and your friends and loved ones are in good health and spirits.

Here in NYC, where Mr. Swim is based, we've seen time and again how generous and kind people can be, especially during times of extreme challenge. When the chips are really down, people really step up. We saw this at 9/11, during Hurricane Sandy, and now with COVID-19.

Mr. Swim is stepping up as well...with your help!

During the month of March, we will contribute 10% of the price of each item purchased to Citymeals on Wheels to help provide Emergency Meals for the Elderly!

Citymeals on Wheels is an organization that delivers meals to homebound elderly residents of New York City. As movement around our city is restricted, these delivered meals are even more critical. Citymeals on Wheels is currently preparing 200,000 emergency meals for elderly New Yorkers. 100% of public contributions will go towards preparing these meals.

Learn more about the Citymeals on Wheels Response to COVID-19.

Below is an estimate of how much you would be helping based on the price of each item*:

Swim Trunks - $7.50/trunk
Shorts - $4.80/short
Hoodies - $4.50/hoodie
Tees / Tanks - $3.50/item

*The 10% contribution applies to purchases on mrswimny.com only and will be calculated using the final price paid for the item, net of any discounts or promotions. Applicable period is 03/17/2020 through 04/15/2020.

Thank you in advance for joining us in helping the elderly during this time! Let's be sure to take care of ourselves and each other.

And please be mindful of the 'High Five' advice from the World Health Organization: